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Lookup the next estimated crypto bull run for every cryptocurrency

What is Bull Frequency ?

Bull frequency

This application gives statisticals indicators to estimate the next bull run peak on famous crypto coins like ETH, BTC, DOGE...
It uses some statistics on long term previous prices to give you the estimated date for the pump.
It only gives estimates based on statistics and does not establish the future of cryptocurrency. It can be a good additional tool to analyse crypto currencies.

Bull Frequency calculates information completely automatically and does not encourage crypto trading in any way. Bull Frequency is a non-profit personal project that I made available online for the algorithmic side.

Crypto indicators reading


stability example

The crypto coin stability is shown in percent. The method to determine stability is described bellow :
Bull Frequency calculates the time from now minus the average time estimated between two peaks.
On this selection, it put a limit up and a limit down based on the average value x (+/-) 0.01.
If everything is between the lines, stability is at 100%.

Sometimes, high stability can be an indicator just before a good crypto pump (btw not on every crypto).


stability example

The Mayer method is very simple. It takes the 15 min last price, draws a line between the first and the last price, and then it splits them in half.
It calculates the average of the two groups (the two big purples bubbles on the picture) and draws a line between.
Finally it calculates the slope of the line to determine if we are in an increase or a decrease.